What’s Your Why?

Several years ago, I read a terrific book, The Why Engine, by Ridgely Goldsborough. In his book, he talks about the importance of knowing our Why and how great leaders can create innovative cultures when everyone understands their why. The notes I made were related to what I like to do. I wrote “take complex and challenging things and make sense out of them.”  Under strengths I wrote “unique ability to solve problems at lightning speed.”

Those were my notes, but I have known my why my entire life. I don’t know how it came to be, but my personal mantra is to be the absolute best at whatever I to do. Being the best is a choice, just like being mediocre is a choice. In my personal life, I wanted to play the piano and over the years, I developed enough talent to play Classical music at a virtuoso level. It took dedication and practice. I love fashion and in high school was voted the best dressed in my class. When I went to college, I was on the Dean’s list. When I became a mother, I wanted to be the best mom possible, and I needed to work to earn a living. So, I picked a career where I could control my income though my own effort and that was a Sales career.

Once I joined a selling organization, I decided to be the highest producing print rep and I did. When I moved into management, I learned quickly that I was a terrible manager, so I hit the books, took classes, and decided that I would be a great leader. I believe that I am. I had been in the office supply industry for a decade and wondered if I should try something different, but I stayed in office supplies because I loved the business. I decided to be the best in the industry. My goal was to reach the highest levels possible, especially for a woman. I made it. It took me over 30 years, but I did it – almost.

I had been president of a mid-sized company and wanted to finish my career as president of a large organization. I was on my way, or so I thought, and the pandemic had other plans for me, like most of us. In 2021, God threw me personal obstacles, ones that I could not foresee and through it, I finally got His message. It was simple. STOP. BREATH. THINK. I had forgotten my why. It can happen in business. Work can become a grind. We are pushing to sell more, make more, do more; we have problems and issues that cannot seem to be resolved. If leaders are not attentive, they can create a toxic environment where no one can thrive. Employees are simply trying to survive the day. As leaders, we cannot let that happen. A culture of defeat will lead to failure. A culture of optimism where every stakeholder can achieve their why will lead to success and joy. I could own my Why again.

I am excited to announce the beginning of my company, Thrive Consulting. Why the name? Anyone who knows me knows that an easel pad was required and that I would brainstorm. I thought about what my company would do and how I would communicate it in a word. Words came to mind like succeed, grow, achieve, innovate, and those words resonated shallow to me. I went to my bible and looked for guidance. In my search, I found multiple scriptures that spoke about God’s earnest desire for His people to flourish. He genuinely wants us to not just live, but to flourish. Flourishing well is thriving. Hence, my name and it has all come together.

Thrive Consulting is built for the business owners, sales leaders and salespeople that want to thrive. They have their Why, but they do not know how to get there. For decades, I was fortunate to work in organizations that provided learning opportunities, training, and wise mentors. I have learned how to sell, lead and plan by doing the work. I plan to share my knowledge and help others.

Thrive Consulting will provide strategic planning services to small and mid-sized companies. Our services are focused on sales and marketing strategies that drive top line revenue, build brands, and enhance the growth of the business. We know that sales and marketing provide the fuel (income) that businesses need, but we also know that every business needs to manage their finances, so we offer consulting services that enhance bottom line financial performance.

Our principles are my principles; Integrity in all matters, Accountability to each other, Creativity when building solutions and Customer Obsession. If a client places their trust in us, we will delight them and fulfill our promises.

What is your Why?